As we approach the opening night of the show, I take our last tech rehearsal to prepare for it and reflect on everything that has happened in the past few weeks.

I have learned a lot about acting and Shakespeare plays in general. This is the first Shakespeare play I have done that I completely understood every line that I said. Part of it could be that it was easier to understand what I was saying because of everyone else’s acting.

There was so much more to A Midsummer Night’s Dream than I had realized too. For example, I had never thought about all of the sensual meanings behind the play until I was in this version of it.

I also was able to improve some of my acting skills during this play. I got to focus more on projection without straining my voice, especially since we did not use microphones, which is new to me.

I also improved my eye focus. Instead of letting my eyes wander when I speak or am just observing in a scene, I make sure to keep everything focused.

One of the major challenges that I had to overcome for this show was not laughing, smiling, or breaking character on stage. Because of the humorous nature of the show, especially in the mechanical scenes, it was very difficult to get through a scene without laughing at one of my fellow actors.

The hardest scene for me to hold it together is where I yell at Theseus and Hippolyta for not paying attention to my lines as Moonshine. But looking at their foreheads rather than their eyes seems to do the trick!

All in all, I think the last dress rehearsal went very well. I feel as if I could do this play in my sleep, so I don’t really feel nervous at all for opening night. I’m just excited to get to finally do it for an audience!!