I am working as the assistant lighting designer with Terry for two different shows at the same time and this is an interesting experience.

We are working on Midsummer Night’s Dream here at Westminster and Anything Goes  at Grove City College. The biggest difference between the two colleges is that Grove City does not have a theater major or paid employees that are working in their shop like Westminster does. Everyone that Grove City has performing or working in the show all volunteered.

It honestly still baffles me that they do not have a major.

Another difference is the space and equipment that Grove City has compared to us. Grove City has a larger stage space as well as a larger shop area than we do. Granted, Grove City is a much larger college than us, but still, they have so much more space.

They have a downside to space which is that they can not do anything to the floor of their stage. This limits them to a certain extent because they can not get any paint on their stage like we can but they seem to do fine.

Grove City also has a lot more equipment than we do. I experienced new lighting equipment there because we do not have it or I have not had a chance to play with. Their tech is different from our tech when it comes to light cue writing. When we go through a tech run to write a cue, we wait until all the actors are in places for the scene and then tell them to hold so we can bring up the right lights and write the cue.

Grove City ran the show while tried to get the colors and correct lights up and cues made. We were writing cues as they rehearsed the show on stage; and honestly, it was a whole new experience in life.

I am not saying that either one is better than the other, but that this is a whole new view of how to do theater.