I love working with new talent. New faces to add to the theatre are always a breath of fresh air. This show has opened up the opportunity to have new actors. I love seeing them learn and the excitement they have. In particular, two always catch my eye.

IMG_0117The young woman seemed to be so shy and unsure what do with herself, but when she got up on stage… I could see that she was going to have a blast! Her willingness to jump right in and try anything, no matter how strange, is the most refreshing thing I have watched this semester. I cannot wait to see what else she can do.

The young man, who has never been stage, is willing to put in so much work. He was the first one to have all his lines memorized, and there have been nights when he has stayed after rehearsal to work. There is definitely talent in those two.

This rehearsal process is new to me. I trained in a theater where the director would tell you where to stand, when to sit, how to move. Not here. Scott has approached this production as if it were a devised work. This technique works with a more organic feel, the actors move and do what feels right in the scene, and the staging is pushed and pulled with suggestions form the cast, crew and the director.

I must admit, at first I did not like that at all. There was too much freedom, I did not know what to do! There were two many different voices and too many ideas flying around. I would completely lose focus. However, as the rehearsals have gone on, I have come to see the beauty of this technique.