“Two weeks out” is a scary phrase for me. I have nightmares about “two weeks out”. “Two weeks out” (or two weeks until opening night) is a phrase that, upon my hearing it, ratchets up my anxiety a notch or two. Two weeks is a deadline I set for myself for every show in which I take part. The deadline is for me to have my lines memorized, my blocking down, technical shenanigans worked out, and my character mostly developed. I do this mostly so that the week before tech week I can have a full week of solid runs to smooth out the show for myself and, hopefully, make pre-tech rehearsal easier on the director and the rest of the cast.

These few upcoming weeks will be especially interesting because the opening of Northanger Abbey will catapult me into finals week (which is a week filled with stress as it is). I have not had a solid week of rehearsals because of the many conflicts that accompany being a college student at Westminster. Tech week, it sounds like, is the only full week we will have as a cast to rehearse, and, with a show like this, full cast is not only helpful to the director, but also helpful to the actors. It is tough to run a dialect show when the stage manager and assistant stage managers (whom we love dearly) are speaking in an American English accent (feeding us lines and filling in for missing actors) and we, as actors, have to speak in a Proper English dialect. Thankfully John Gresh has graciously donated his time to work with us on English accents and the progress the cast has made in the short time I have been here has been very good. I came into Northanger worried, but as the week has progressed my nerves have been calmed to a manageable point after seeing the advancements made over the last week.