As each year passes by and technology continues it’s stratospheric rise, I continue to search for new ways to connect with both our current students, as well as prospective students just beginning their search for a higher education.  Granted, I am a technophile through and through.  I remember lazily sitting at my stepfather’s desk, staring in wonder at Windows 3.1.  My first “internet” experience included dialing up on our 2400 baud modem, and connecting to the local bulletin board in my suburban hometown.  My first international communications came from a widely known program called Prodigy.  I yearned for teachers to assign papers so that I could type them up on the computer and use the simplest clip arts to fancy them up.

My how times changed.  I cannot go a mere hour without seeing a student on their cellphone texting, or a professor grading quizzes on our learning management system.  Technology pervades all that we strive to do.  It can create a level playing field, or produce distractions a plenty.  Yet, in the end, as an educator, we must embrace this technology.  There are such a variety of uses that we must not be scared to incorporate it into our lectures, or projects, or field trips.

Which brings me to this post.  After having begun our development of our Facebook and Twitter accounts, I felt there was still more that we can be adding to the Theatre Westminster experience.  I had blogged minimally in the past.  In fact, you can probably find one of about a dozen blogs I have begun and then let disappear into the background, becoming yet another piece of stranded trash, forever present, but always forgotten.  But it seems, as I have gotten older, the idea of engaging the students through this medium felt right.  And so the Theatre Westminster Blog has begun.

But, why do we not go even further.  Don’t get me wrong, I always feel like I have something to write and say, to share among the young minds hard at work.  We can’t stop there though.  And so this will also be a place for our faculty, students, and guest artists, to share a little insight into the productions they are working on, the classes they are attending, and in general, the life at Theatre Westminster.

So if you haven’t already hit the backspace button, and have reached all the way down to these final words of wisdom, then bookmark this page.  Technology is moving fast, and Theatre Westminster has decided to jump on that train and ride it all the way.


The full cast watches as James finishes killing off Earl in the final scene of Theatre Westminster’s Book of Days.