I never fail to have an enjoyable time in the theatre. This week is the second week of work in the shop here at Theatre Westminster and I still love what I do. I get the opportunity to learn new things and to experience the many jobs and tools.

I began my week by fixing the third pillar that was built improperly the previous week. We made some modifications to the other two pillars and improved their look on stage. These pillars now stand tall on stage and add an exciting effect for the show. After the pillars were cut and put back together, we began working on other interesting pieces.

The shop employees and I began building smaller cardboard cutouts of griffins, swans, and other interesting shapes. That job took little time so we started to move things to Orr auditorium in preparation for the upcoming Opera. We then began to create two large windows for the set. These two large windows are to be identical to two previously built windows so the measurements must be exactly the same.

We began by taking the measurements of the old windows and starting a cut list of all the materials we will need. After we measured everything we needed we began to cut. We used the table saw and chop saw to create the siding of the windows and to give it detail that allows the stage to become alive. The stage must look real for the actors and the audience.

IMG_1199After working in the theatre you learn to appreciate all that you do and the work you complete. At the end of the day you might be tired but you look at your work and it is something to be proud of. After such a productive week I look forward to coming back on opening night and enjoying the scenes that I helped to create.