Finally, we have a day’s break between our last rehearsal and tech week! We’ve got most of our main props together, and all of our furniture. We’ve reworked any blocking that various changes in the stage during the set building process have messed with, and we’re nearly ready to go.

This also means that we have one more week to go before it’s all over, one more week until we take all our finals. Although we’ve come so far we still have a lot to do in the less than a week that we have before opening night. For example, nearly every one of my lines waits until a light change from the main action to where I am, since I’m in a different part of the stage, and all the lighting is done during tech week. There are also plenty of sounds that are heard throughout the play, including clocks chiming, carriage noises, and different nineteenth century dances. We still have so far to go.

Another thing we haven’t really heard much about yet is costumes, since we ordered them a couple of weeks ago and they haven’t come in yet. Since I have never been in a period piece before, the idea that a costume can be more than just your average, everyday clothing is a little exciting. Though I can tell you, being on stage the entire show in a dress like that is probably going to get annoying quickly. To sort of prepare for costumes and get used to moving around the stage in period dress, we’ve begun rehearsing in skirts (for the ladies) and suit jackets (for the men).

All in all, I’m excited for the play to begin (just not before I’ve finished learning my lines!) I hope everyone in the audience will have just as much fun with it as we did.