This week in my theatre practicum I began working construction on the upcoming show, Northanger Abbey. The week was a lot of fun and taught me important skills about working behind the scenes in a theatre.

We started off the week by moving source-four lighting instrument barrels from Orr auditorium to Beeghly theatre. This was not a strenuous task, but helped to refresh me on my knowledge of lighting instruments in the theatre. Next we began the construction process and began to assemble three large columns. These pillars will be used in the upcoming show and are a key part of the scenery on stage.

We began by creating the framework for the pillars and a “cut sheet” of all the required materials. The shop employees and I started to cut our needed materials and then began assembling them into the columns with a nail gun. This process was slightly frustrating after roughly fifteen minutes of trying to get the staple gun and air compressor to work. However, we did fix the staple gun and continued the building process.

IMG_0828We spent the entirety of this week building these columns and doing several other smaller tasks. The shop employees and I finally finished the three columns on Wednesday but were disappointed when, after standing the columns up, we realized one of the three columns was assembled wrong. We then spent the remainder of the day taking the column apart, pulling out the staples with pliers, and then attempting to reassemble the column before the end of the day. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish the final column but we will begin construction again as soon as we return from break.

I enjoyed my time in the theatre this week. I learned a lot from others working in the shop and I helped teach them important skills in return. I learned to be a better leader and a better follower this week. I hope to continue learning as I further my theatre practicum.