As we get closer and closer to the week of the show, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride. To know that I helped create what the audience will see on the stage is a wonderful feeling. However, there is still much to be done and that means that we will all have to work a little harder if we hope to finish in time.

This week in the theatre we mostly primed the set for painting. The entire set was primed so that we can spend the next couple of days painting the backgrounds and scenery for the show. This will liven up the stage even more for the actors and give the audience a sense of reality as they watch the performance. This week we also spent a great deal of time setting up the corners of the stage with props such as beds and dressers. This was interesting because the shop employees and I had to create a frame for the bed. The mattress had to fit into a bed frame built especially for the mattress used in the show so all of measurements had to be exact.IMG_1223

We created our cut list like normal and began pulling the supplies required to assemble
the bed. We made all of our cuts after running all of our lumber through the table saw.   We first wanted the proper width before we worried about length. Then once all our lumber was the appropriate size, we began screwing the pieces together. All the pieces fit perfectly and helped to create the bed frame that the audience will see on stage.

I love working in the theatre. The people in the theatre are fun to work with and you will never experience a dull moment. Working in the theatre is a tough job sometimes, but it is worth it. It is truly a gift to sit in the audience on the night of the show and say “I helped to create that and I had a lot of fun”.