rehersal 1
In high school I created a play based off of the children’s book Amelia Bedelia. It was a hard and rewarding experience for me. I was very excited when I found out that Westminster Theatre was going to do a devised piece off of the book Snakes, Butterbeans and the Discovery of Electricity. When asked to be a part of this experience I immediately said yes. Before Christmas break started we had a meeting with Dr. Mackenzie and he gave us copies of the book to read over break. We started rehearsing around two weeks ago.
Our rehearsals have been taking place in the mezzanine in Orr and it has been freezing up there. That is why in all of the photos you can see various students wearing hats, and jackets, including myself. In the photos we are all doing an acting exercise given to us by our director Dr. Scott Mackenzie.  We would start by walking around the room , until we  were given a word like “cordite” and we would have to find a partner and convey that word in a statue.  You may be thinking , why would he say the word cordite? Well, the words  being given were words the cast had given earlier.  An exercise we did previous was reading our favorite short story and then as a cast we would say key words we heard within the piece.
striking a pose.
Currently, we have been doing a lot of acting exercises and exploring the stories. We do a lot of writing during rehearsal , which is a new process for me. It is fun and exciting  to know that we are creating the play from our ideas and our own experiences and it will be performed for the first time at Westminster College.