So an Olde Englishman and a girl under a lace umbrella walk onto campus and–no, this is not the set up of a lame joke. It’s the true story of Alpha Psi Omega’s appearance at the Activities Fair. Alpha Psi is the theater honor society (for those of you who did not know), and the Nu Gamma chapter at Westminster College consists of quite a rag-tag bunch, so it only makes sense that Josh and I would show up to represent it in mismatched costumes.1147583_10151802969897591_200003503_o

In more recent years (or at least as far as my memory reaches), our chapter hasn’t been a loud voice on campus. Sure, our members are typically the ones running and performing the majority of Theatre Westminster’s shows, but as an organization we weren’t particularly well-known. This year, as I take the lead, I’m hoping to turn that around. Our group is still small, consisting of only 9 cast members–1 of whom embarks for London this semester–but every single one of us is new and brings a fresh enthusiasm.

Some plans we’ve discussed for the semester include not just selling concessions as stage productions, but also show shirts. Oftentimes the stage manager would arrange for cast and crew to buy shirts as mementos of the production, and so only participants of that show would get to treasure it forever. This time around we’d like to make shirts available to anyone, so that proud family and friends can also cherish the event. Fashionable fundraising–sounds brilliant, no?


A passion for theater resides in every Alpha Psi member, as well as in many students who we just haven’t discovered yet. While we’re planning on becoming more of a presence on campus, our goal truly is just to welcome more dramatic people into the comfortably musty arms of Beeghly Theater. (Even if that means grabbing their attention with absurd costumes and a random assortment of props displayed on the quad.)

If you are one of those people, please feel free to let anyone involved in the theater or Alpha Psi know about your interest. We’d love to get you involved.