Would you look at that, a whole other week has gone, and what a crazy one at that. After Easter break, we dived straight back in to rehearsing. Our goal was to have act one of the book done by Wednesday so we could have a super rough run though.

Let me tell you. I was freaking out. I was making deals with the gods, telling them that I would be better if I could learn my lines faster. I do not know if they heard me or if I had really just put in the time and effort to learn my lines. (More than likely the latter was what happened, but we wont tell any one that, wink.) I was pleasantly surprised that I knew the concept of every line that I had. Granted I did not know the exact wording, but I knew what the character was saying! I was not sure why I had been so hard on myself, earlier in the week. Everyone there was very understanding and thought that I did a really good job with the whole act. And can I just say that I was pretty proud of myself as well.

10991424_776328352420956_2554377539975708368_nThere are other things that happen that make the process of the show more stressful. Actors keep dropping the show. Just two days ago, the actor that played General Tilney had to call it quits. I can understand why someone would need to drop that play. Their life was too crazy I guess, and the show could have just added the right amount of stress that was too much. I can’t help and sound self centered when I complain about the actors leaving. Just think about how hard it’s going to be when we get the replacements. They are going to have to learn all of the scenes and that takes away from other rehearsal time.