Last year, I took Technical Production only to fill an intellectual perspective class; little did I know the kind of door that it would open for me. Throughout high school I always participated in the theatre arts but when I came to Westminster I learned how a theatre truly worked. While in high school it is difficult to understand all aspects of theatre, like what it takes to design and then create the set, the lighting design, the costuming, the sound effects.

Shelly Hangs a Light

Shelly hangs and focuses lights for a production.

I took the technical production class because of my theatre background and because some friends said it was a good class. I’m not going to lie, I may have gone into the class a little too self-confident because I really did believe I knew a great deal about theatre. It turned out that I was correct I did know a lot about theatre, but what I didn’t know is that there is A LOT about theatre that I didn’t and still don’t know.  All of the work that the class was doing really started to get me thinking about how much I enjoyed working in the theatre. I learned how to read a set design, set up lights, focus them, paint ( a picture that I never thought would be possible to do.).  So, I talked to Terry and I got more involved and came on other days that weren’t strictly my lab day and got much more involved with the electrical side of theatre (lights and sounds) .


Simba painting from Intro to Technical Theatre.

And every day, the question of did I want to change my major to theatre, will this make me happy for the rest of my life, peaked into my thoughts.  With a huge amount of encouragement, and advice from Terry, Paula and Josh I decided that it really would.   So, although I want to specialize in the area of electrics I really want to go into this upcoming year with an open mind.  I can’t wait to learn and experience new things and meet some amazing new people.   Heck maybe I’ll even perform in a show!