Thank the powers that be for spring break. But really.

Coming down from the high that was Lisa Dillman’s The Walls, I was handed a script the day after strike and pushed to the edge. (“Go ahead, jump!” they say.) With approximately a single month until opening night, I have to learn how to stage manage and actually do the action of stage managing all at the same time. I’m scared, but I think it’s going well so far. (and so far as I know, the cast doesn’t hate me too much… right, guys?)

As a first time Stage Manager, I NEED this break. Not because I need time away from the theater, or because Terry and Paula are driving me up the wall (which has never happened, by the way). I need this break so I can spend a few hours in isolation with good music and a coffee, spilling over my script and marking it up until it resembles a thrice sold English book (if you don’t get the joke, it means that there will be so many highlights and markings in my script that I won’t actually be able to read it).

But in all reality, it’s loads of fun. Coming from the dark humor of The Walls, I love the light-heartedness and innocence of the original piece Snakes, Butter Beans, and The Discovery of Electricity (or, to make it easier, just Snakes), adapted from a book of Westminster’s own Jim Perkins. We have a great director who has put more time into bringing this piece to life than I could possibly imagine. With our rough blocking in place and the script finalized, we can now move onto the next fun adventure: memorizing lines. I also have to give a lot of credit to this cast. With all the ups and downs we have had in the last two weeks, they’re pushing through, and I’m very proud of them.

I’m excited to share this show with you all. I will be shamelessly advertising this show over every medium of social media I have control over, starting now.

Come see the original Snakes, Butter Beans, and The Discovery of Electricity the first week of April! You won’t regret it!