Switching to new environments in any situation can be a difficult endeavor. Whether it be schools, new programs, or new theatres for instance, change can be a fun challenge.

It was by chance that I got the opportunity to be in this production, and I’m so grateful that it happened. I’ve learned so much already from doing this show. I’ve done Shakespeare scenes before in high school for Shakespeare festivals, but getting to do a full show was a fantastic and eye opening experience.

Not only did I learn more about how to act in a Shakespeare production, but it was a whole different world than what I was used to in my high school theatre. It was nice to be in an environment where everyone took the show, acting, and rehearsals more seriously.

Here, the people who are involved in the play are either theatre majors or just take acting very seriously.

There were many things that were new to me as well here. For instance, at my high school, people were still using their scripts up until the week of tech, and sometimes even during tech week. It was extremely stressful, and it was like a breath of fresh air to come here and have everyone on top of their lines way earlier in the rehearsal process.

I was also very new to certain procedures in the theatre that seem very common, but I never had the chance to learn about them in my old school. Believe it or not, calling “line” was new to me, as well as responding with “thank you ten” after being told to take ten. I’ve also never seen a prop table with an organized layout with each prop outline drawn on it.

As simple as these things seem, they were new to me and I’m thankful that I now know about them.