Brett Pollock working hard on his script.

How hard is it to create a play based off of a book? Well, the answer to that question would be pretty difficult. The hardest part is adapting the stories into a script so they can be portrayed on the stage. This past week the cast of Snakes, Butterbeans and The Discovery of Electricity has been working hard on adapting the stories from the book into scenes. Rehearsals have moved from the cold mezzanine up to the conference rooms in Patterson. The cast has been bringing there computers and sharing their version of a story in script format. There is a local folder on SkyDrive so the cast can share their work with one another. During rehearsal the person who wrote the scene will pick their cast. Once the cast is selected they will read the scene and then a discussion will take place. During the discussion the cast will talk about, as a whole, what they thought of the scene.

For example, common topics are if they think it followed the story in the book correctly, if the dialogue sounded authentic and if there is anything that should be changed. It is exciting to witness how far we have come in developing the script. As an actor it is nerve racking not having a script in front of you, especially right now. Normally, during rehearsal, if the script was made the cast would be working on memorizing lines and blocking. However, the cast cannot do that right now because we have no script. So, we have an extra step to take before we can bring it alive on stage. I do not think this script will be too hard to memorize because we have been creating it ourselves.


The cast and director discussing a scene they just read.

I am passionate about theatre, which is good because it is my major. I have been on stage performing numerous times, but I have never had my own ideas shown on stage. It is thrilling to know that what will be performed on stage had some of my input into developing the play along with the rest of the cast. We hope that you all come out to see us and our final product in April!