1147583_10151802969897591_200003503_oSome people may think that I am just an actor. And most people that come into the theater to see shows, see only that. But so many things go into a show that are seen like sets and props, and the people behind the massive sets, well made props, fantastic costumes, and stunning lights are rarely seen and noticed for all their hard work.

There is so much work in just a simple 10 minute show. And I think for this festival of shows I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have had one of the greatest opportunities to direct one of the shows being performed. I was so excited as I read through all the scripts choosing which one I wanted to pursue. And during the auditions I was able to pick my actors and have a great time throughout auditions.

Did I mention that I was also auditioning? Yes not only am I directing I am also acting. I am acting a show titled Short Memory that is being directed by one of our on Westminster alums.  It’s is a really funny show and I can’t wait to perform it for you all.

But wait! There’s more! What would a show be without lights? I am also working with as the assistant lighting designer. I am so excited to start working with instruments and moving around lighting. We have so many awesome things planed, like a city skyline.

But if you order in the next 15 minutes you will also get more responsibilities! Sound design is also something that has always been an interest of mine. And what do you know, I’m working on that too.  Finding music, making sound bites, making music, all of this I get to do with this upcoming festival. And let’s not forget that I am props master of Beeghly theater so I am also the main guy when it comes to props for all shows.

So that’s five jobs all in one little festival. There is this strange mixture of excitement and pure terror when I look at my work load. Have I bitten off more than I can chew or will this turn out to be the most I have worked on any show. I guess only time will tell.

I think the best part about this situation is that I have all of these great opportunities. I have a friend who attends Bowling Green University and I asked her to talk to some of the theater majors there. She told me that the only person not working a typical shop job  for a production is a 5th year senior. And here I am, a junior taking on this big of a load. Theater Westminster gives you these opportunities. I know for a fact that we have had designers and technicians that weren’t even theater minors. That is why I love Westminster. When I graduate not only will I have the knowledge to succeed in Theater, I will also have the experience.