As from the past blog post you can tell that our great director Melissa Grande is back, and working on this show has never been better. This past Sunday was our first stumble through. All Melissa could say was thank you. She was happy with how the show has progressed and where we stand now. We immediately talked about the next steps, and in twelve hours, the next steps started.

I could tell as soon as we started that what the show needed was clean up, and Melissa brought the broom and the gloss. All the little things I had missed or may have interpreted a wrong way was immediately righted. The show is starting to shine. All it took was a new perspective and a few tweaks.

image (1)It amazes me that how experienced someone is can have an aura that effects others. I know that that is a weird statement but let me try to explain. I have very little experience when it comes to directing. I think the actors (whether consciously or unconsciously) pick up on that and act a certain way. Then when you introduce another more experienced person, the actors (again whether consciously or subconsciously) act differently. They are more receptive and are more comfortable on stage. They know that the advice given to them is genuine, tried and tested, and backed up by professional grade reasoning. And with as much experience as Melissa has (over 20 years of directing) she is a perfect example. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do at the moment to change that. I can only keep trying to gain more experience in the directing field.

All those things come in time. And from where I’m standing now, I know I’ll have a lot of time to gain that experience. It gives me hope that I could become as great of a director as Melissa.