Victoria Volkay (right) rehearses The Walls.

College is a big deal. I walked into Westminster College last semester confident that one of my two majors was going to be Theater. I had been in the horrendously underfunded Theater club at my high school and had enjoyed it quite a lot. I loved the feeling of being on a stage in front of a group of people and being an entirely different person. The action, adventure, and emotion of it thrilled me, and I was sure I wanted to something with it in my adult life (though I hadn’t worked out any details), because I couldn’t live without it. Actually walking into the theater for an audition, though, brought a completely different feeling out of me. I was terrified.

Being the newbie freshman is truly a nerve-wracking experience. Your head becomes filled with thoughts of: “What if they don’t pick me?”, “What if I’m not a good enough actress to be in this major?”, and “What if I’m in way over my head?” Luckily for me, these apprehensions quickly disappeared the minute I marched onto the stage for my audition for Westminster’s upcoming production, The Walls. I was immediately met with a kind director and other kind people, willing to give me advice on how to read the next line, how to develop my voice to match the director’s vision for the character, and how to play off my scene partner.


Table work for The Walls

Now months later, after accepting my part, I am happily working towards making my character the best she can be. Though I did not get a very large part in the play, I’m actually okay with that. I’m a freshman; starting small is critical. This is only my second production with Theater Westminster (my first being The 10-Minute Play Festival), so I’m grateful for my part as it is. Unlike with The 10-Minute Play Festival, The Walls is one large production with a smaller cast. The scenes in the show fit together as one story, not as separate parts. This gives me the opportunity to see how it all comes together, how it all works, because if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that Theater is a lot of hard work and perseverance, and I’m going to need to use The Walls to learn the ropes as much as I possibly can.

Theater is an interesting and fun experience for me, and I am willing to work towards increasing my skills and learning a lot in the process. As far as Theater is concerned, I am only a baby, and baby steps are what it will take for me to achieve that goal. For now, though, I’ll just focus on The Walls, which for me, is only that first step.