Prior to last week, I was excited because I thought that light designing this show would be less stressful than previous shows. That is until Carlos was adjusting the rehearsal report and adding names of who was doing each design area. He put my name next to sound design, so Terry looked at me and said “you’re going to do the sound too.” The next couple of days consisted of meeting with Lisa, the director, listening to different kinds of regency music from the 1800s, then deciding which to use.

10987488_799439913443133_3586313923048538690_oNot only is Northanger Abbey very “light heavy” it is also very “sound heavy,” with different kind of dance music, underscore music, and transition music. Sound for this show is just as important as lighting. This is because not only is the lighting assisting in telling the story but so does the sound. After careful deliberation, Lisa (the director) and I chose the songs for the dances so that they could begin to learn their choreography. My next step is to start finding the transition and underscore music that assists the story.

On the lighting side of things.. things are going pretty smoothly, all of the instruments are hung which just leaves focusing and gelling for next week. I will admit that I am worried about the weekend of tech. Only because at tech we go over all of the technical aspects, most of which I’m in charge of.

Let’s just say that the next couple of weeks are definitely going to test me.