Standing in the parking lot tonight I studied the shine of the backstage door light off of the wet pavement.  Before I pulled out in my beat up red pickup truck, I let the sense of relaxation wash over me.  For a month now I have been stressing over every last detail of our 10-Minute New (And Nearly New) Play Festival.  Could we pull it off?  Would it be the success I was hoping for?  Do we have what it takes to produce something that is so out of the norm for Theatre Westminster?photo

And tonight, I saw with my own eyes, that the answer is yes.

From the first Facebook post back in April, through the readings, the auditions, the rehearsals, and opening night, I have been amazed at the community that we are developing at Westminster College.  Understand that I know we are no NYU or Yale School of Drama.  But we are passionate about theatre, and willing to put our full body and soul to creating something new and refreshing.  In this little college, in this little town, on the border of Ohio, we made magic happen tonight.  Now, perhaps that is a bit too cliche, as my director notes are in the program.  But truth lies in cliche.

Originally I was going to thank my cast, crew, directors and everyone else that had a hand in this endeavor.  But I will avoid that for now.  Instead, I want to encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to come out to our Festival, and congratulate all those people.  Give them a hug, high five, smile, or something sincere, letting them know that you appreciate the work they have done.  See, that is the amazing thing about theatre.  It is a collaboration.  We cannot do it alone.  Theatre is unlike so many other professions out there.  We are forced to rely on one another.  And by doing so, this community continues to grow.

photo (1)

In three days we will be closing this festival.  But before the casts run onstage to take their final bows, I hope that you are able to take the time to be affected by what we are willing to give to you.  See, these shows are about you.  They deal with your fears, joys, sadness, and loneliness.  And in just 10 minutes, they can encapsulate your life.  So as you sit there on Friday and Saturday night, or Sunday afternoon, take the time to head over to Beeghly Theatre.  Walk in, say hi to the ushers, receive the program and head to your seat.  And as the lights dim, know that you are about to see something special, something that has never happened before, and will never happen again.

And know that the Director of Theatre is excited to see you there.

And hopes he will see you again in the future.