We’re coming along slowly but surely. The last few rehearsals have been adjusting me to the functionality of a character outside of the main story. Through the numerous times I’ve looked through my script, learning my lines and how I’m supposed to be moving, I’ve noticed that a great deal of them are transitional lines, meant to help one scene flow easily into the next. However, I do have lines that are not one-paragraph traditional scene changing lines; they actually have their own scene importance.

I’ve been discussing these scenes with our director, talking about how and where I will move in them and what kind of function my character would serve in a scene as a character who does not actually live in the world of the play. We haven’t gotten very far in these scenes, as we haven’t really had much time to do much aside from blocking the main scenes of the play, but I am very excited to be given some new action that isn’t purely transitional.

10995817_776328532420938_3250792952073728330_nThere are, however, two scenes in which I am purely Chelsea, and not Jane Austen’s voice, at the very beginning and very end of the play, and we have actually gotten to block part of one of these scenes. In this scene I get to be very snarky and rude, which is not only a personality I haven’t put on since Westminster’s Ten Minute Play Festival in 2013, but also one I don’t get to use in real life very often. These scenes are some of my favorite in the whole production, because Chelsea’s lines are so great. I actually wish that I could perform more of the play as modern-day Chelsea!

Alas, I’ll have to find my own snarky nature in the world of Jane Austen. As I get more and more used to my lines and her way of speaking, I’m sure I’ll get more and more time to play with her attitude as a person and as an author. I almost can’t wait!