“So everyone has to sign up for a day to write a blog.”


…….Oh no. 

                It’s not exactly news that I don’t consider myself a writer, so when I found out that everyone involved with The Walls had to share some insight or experience, I was a bit daunted. What if I don’t have anything interesting to say? What if I just ramble and ramble and ramble until everyone’s sick of reading it? What if I keep writing “what if” scenarios until I reach the 300 word minimum?

              1797552_613498942037232_725536566_n  Okay, maybe panicking wasn’t the best course of action. And looking back, I don’t know why I did because I’ve had some pretty great examples of how to deal with the pressure of new things. I’m working with actors who are having their first experience on stage. I get to watch them every rehearsal and see how much they’ve really improved since the first few weeks. The entire cast has gotten so good that I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t guess between the experienced and the inexperienced without the help of the program bios.

There are our superhero-esq stage manager and ASMs who are facing new responsibilities and challenges on a day-to-day basis as we throw last minute blocking changes and technical difficulties at them. The rest of our production crew also just rolls with the surprise notices of “We’re going to let the actresses pick the song for that scene, actually” and “They’re afraid of the furniture. Sad, really, I know. But can we fix that for them?”


Our assistant director had his trial by fire when he was responsible for our first month of rehearsals. He is also the props master for the show and, considering the responsibilities he has in the rest of his life, I’m not sure when he sleeps. But he really embraced his role and found a great balance between trusting the actor’s instincts and giving solid direction when something was clearly missing. He was able to make us as actors feel very confident with what we had to show our director when she returned. 

With all these great role models, I can manage a simple blog post, right? …Right?

                But really, my point is that you should come see the show. It’s pretty great. And audiences are great. We’d love to see you. I’ll wave. …No I won’t. That would be out of character. But I’ll want to. Cuz audiences are great.

                Did I reach 300 yet?