I don’t know what exactly I was expecting when I got into college level theatre but let me tell you, I am pleasantly surprised.

In high school I was involved with both the school’s theatre company and October Productions which is a professional company that mostly does murder mystery dinners, haunted attractions and a few small shows as well. Before college I had never rehearsed a show on the actual set we’d be using more than 4 days before we opened. That’s just something that’s hard to achieve when you’re using a communal space (the high school theater) or renting a space for the length of the show.

I’ve had to do an entire show where our rehearsals were done entirely on the director’s back deck or in the basement of a retirement home. It has been soooo nice to be able to get comfortable with the set and work out movements before the show week.

My Highschool would build the set the Saturday before the show and typically nothing was completed before the Tuesday before the show with us opening on Thursday. It was so bad that we referred to show week as “Hell Week” because we would stay in the theater rehearsing until 10 or 11 at night every night.

Having rehearsal props, a set, the shoes for our costumes and notes before the week of the show has been so pleasant. I’m about 56% less stressed with this show than I have been with any other show that I’ve ever done. Not only has the level of professionalism with the technicians been great but the majority of the cast has been amazing as well.

I’m used to doing shows with 45% or more of the cast not being able to be nice to each other and be respectful of each other but this cast has been pretty much the opposite.

Even when there has been disagreements for the most part they’ve been handled in an adult manner and I appreciate that so much.