I got over my fear of being onstage (mostly) years ago, but with this show I learned that I still have to figure out how to be comfortable on stage.

In the past I haven’t really thought about what I was wearing on stage and how it would affect how comfortable I am, it never really crossed my mind considering the shows I’ve done in the past I’ve always been covered completely from the neck down. You don’t really think about body image and how comfortable you are in your own skin when you’re on stage in a floor length black puritan dress, you’re mostly thinking “Wow this is really hot, black wool shouldn’t be a thing.”

In the case of this show, I’m on stage in a short tube top as my shirt and that’s not something I’ve ever done before.

I’m not really one for showing my stomach, I’ve never even worn a bikini before so this is a whole new world for me. I wasn’t expecting my costume to be the biggest obstacle for me in this show. I’ve never done Shakespeare before and I assumed that that would pose more of an obstacle for me.

It’s strange to be onstage in something that’s so different than what I’m generally comfortable with but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Overcoming my body image issues is something that I’ve kind of pushed off or ignored in the past but now I’m kind of forced to deal with it or else I’ll just look awkward on stage.

It’s hard to present bad ass, punk rock, fairy in the court of queen Titania when all you can think about is “I don’t look good in this.” You have to get over that to be able to do your job properly.

Cobweb isn’t going to be thinking about what the other fairies think about her, she’s more concerned with whats going on with Titania and Oberon.

I think that it’s forced me to grow as an actor and as a person and that’s a good thing.