As I sit waiting for my first cue I start to think how every actor is living, breathing, and eating Shakespeare. Some of the cast is even taking our modern language and twisting the words to sound like Shakespeare, it’s quite entertaining.
This weekend was tech, that means that I lived in the theatre for a whole weekend and for the next week I’ll be living completely in the world of Shakespeare. For the past few months I have had random lines from this show running through my head.

Shakespeare’s lines are worse than music.

When I didn’t have music stuck in my head, I have other people’s lines running through my head. I wish I had my own lines, but alas, I don’t think that will ever happen.
In a strange way I like tech week. I love seeing all the different aspects of theatre come together and create this amazing piece of art. I kinda have a strange love for how crazy the theatre gets, and although I hate it while it’s happening, I love seeing the end product and knowing the hard work that went into it.
As tech week comes to a close I remember what my favorite part of this whole mess is. Watching as the lights come up as the first cues are called. The calm feeling and focus before that moment is the most incredible thing that I could be apart of.