Early process shots of where we keep the technicians stored during the build.

Not sure where to start with this, but here it goes. (And Terry I could kill you for this -_-) I have only worked in Beeghly for less than a semester because I am graduating this semester, and it has definitely been one of the most interesting and frustrating work experiences ever. I started working during the middle of Book of Days, and that was a challenge from day one. I had never used any form of power tools that could actually decapitate me, so that in itself was a hurdle for me. Day one let’s make this girl feel really bad for knowing generally how to use power tools better than some of the older employees, and also let’s give her a very sharp, dangerous power tool that she has never used before, and tell her to just go cut those platforms… I quickly caught on to using the different power tools, although my least favorite tools of them all are the air powered staple gun and nail gun.   😯

After struggling with steps for the set that would not actually go together correctly and constructing platform legs that were definitely taller than I was, I got the chance to help with lighting. They pulled out the massive wooden ladder… Let’s talk about how many heart attacks that thing can give a person. While I am not afraid of heights, I am afraid of what falling from such a height can do to my body. After Terry came to know me better, he of course decides to be sassy with me while I am on top of this lovely ladder, and of course, I am sassy right back. The mega-combo became my best friend when it came time for lighting the set. It always seemed to do a number on my body though, such as slamming fingers into the lighting instruments or just being my accident-prone self and magically bruising my body. So yes, I became fond of working on the lights.

One of the most frustrating days was probably the Monday I came in during the Stop Kiss set and Carol told me we had to repaint the bookshelf and cabinets. Carol just looked at me and told me that I might want to break things, because the Friday before I stayed after to help paint said bookcase to get it done in time for the show. Yeah, that was a not so fun day, but I have made a few good friends working in Beeghly. From struggling through recreating walls with Josh, to having Dan help me with the things I definitely could not reach, to late night paint jobs with Carol, to working with Shelly on lights and me actually responding to her “meow,” there have been many memorable times working in Beeghly. I still love the days where Terry says I am his favorite just to annoy Dan, and of course, Dan gets mad at me but not for too long. 🙂

The famous bookcase hides behind Callie (Liz Ishman) and Sara (Melissa Williams.)

As both Terry and Paula wish, I also wish that I had started working in Beeghly sooner. I am very grateful for getting the chance to know and work with both of them. I will miss both of them, but I doubt they will miss my ability to injure myself. Well, as much as I enjoyed working in Beeghly, I am glad that I am finally graduating from school. Who knows where I will go from here. By the way, I hope this is what you were looking for Terry. 🙂