1597470_606713926049067_1929722730_oTheater is absolutely hectic. It’s incredibly fun, hilarious and exciting, too, but it’s also hectic. Being in anything close to a large production is a large amount of work. The time involved can make most people feel just as if he or she is running around like a chicken with his or her head cut off, and I am sure that between schoolwork and the performance that is what most of the cast and crew are feeling at this point in the play.

As tech week closes in on us with more speed than many of us anticipated, the cast (myself included) is trying harder for longer hours to bring the production to the point it needs to be. Perfecting scene transitions, making sure props are in place, and memorizing every line of the script and movement on stage is all being practiced over and over again every night, every week. This sort of work may be redundant and even tedious at times, but the long hours are worth it by the time the curtain rises on stage.

What makes the scheduling aspect of the theater even more difficult is the fact that our entire crew consists of Westminster students, young people who have homework, classes, and commitments outside of the theater for which they need to find time as well. Often times one can find me and my fellow actors and actresses doing homework or studying for tests backstage, when we are not called to be on the stage or running scene transitions. All of this makes for a busy life, especially now, when the production is inching ever so near to its performance for the ever-expectant audience.

As busy and difficult as this point in a production can be, the fun, friendship, and excitement of the job make up for all of its frustrations. After all the rehearsals have ended, and the cast is waiting in the green room or standing just behind the curtain, I’m sure everyone will be proud of all that we have achieved, and excited about one heck of a show!