What do you think of when you hear “give it your all?” Usually we think about focusing and working to our full potential to complete a task. Well I believe that I have given this phrase a whole new meaning. Each night I walk into the theater and sum up the last drops of energy that I have. Who would have guessed that a five-hour rehearsal every night would take so much energy! (Please note the sarcasm.)

This show has been very beneficial in learning how to power though a long night. I am finding new ways to force my brain and my body to restore my energy, this is when coffee became my new best friend. Mmm… coffee… I have to say that one of my favorite things that happen in rehearsal is the caffeine run. Anyways, one of the best skills that I have developed during the run of this show is laughter. Wow the power that laughter holds. There have been some really stressful nights, mostly the ones that we have to be off book. When one of us makes a funny face, or strange sound, we all start to laugh. You can just feel the atmosphere of the room lighten.

I find that the best rehearsals are the ones where there is a balance of laughter and hard work. Sometimes it can be hard to stop laughing and focus again. Nevertheless, some how we all push though and really do get some work done. I do not think I have been at a rehearsal that has been a waste of time. If fact if we did not have such a wonderful stage manager then we would have had some rehearsals that would have fallen apart. Sarah keeps us on track, focused, and is so sweet and funny at the same time.