Poster FinalPoster Final1497544_603333089720484_1403796517_nHello again! Time for another adventure into the psyche of the sound guy! Things are going very well currently. I have continued to pick out certain sounds for scenes and I have been learning a ton. I’ve found that as an actor/viewer, I never really paid as much attention to detail as I should. Certain music and sounds evoke certain emotions. I always just assumed that the emotion would come based on the lines. But there is honestly a show within a show when it comes to these details.

Even the sound of a doorbell could come off as “harsh.” Could you imagine if someone wanted to ring the doorbell of a haunted house and it sounded similar to an apartment? That would be awkward. My example for The Walls involves a certain scene that requires music. In the script there is a calling for music, I was going through certain audio files and found that “eerie” music was surprisingly fitting within the scene.

My next plan is to begin regularly attending rehearsals to get a better feel for what is going on on stage. I’ve read through the script many times but the stage brings new, beautiful life to every production. I have sat though hundreds of rehearsals and I’ve noticed one tiny perk of being on the technical side of things. I don’t have to go to those pesky “read throughs.” I was very happy about this because sometimes as an actor, you tend to feel burnt out at times. I’m looking forward to not feeling that nearly as much. So maybe tech life isn’t that bad after all! See you all next week for another fun- filled talk! Remember to come see The Walls by Lisa Dillman! It opens February 20th and runs until February 23rd.