Cody and the Ram. Who will win this epic battle for the ages?

“Yeah sure, I can move that couch I guess.”

That’s the extent of my back stage knowledge. I began acting in high school my junior year and I have loved the stage ever since. I couldn’t imagine not being on the stage. I’ve always acted and the thought of being back stage was absolutely miserable. It’s dark back there; they have no lines, and no cool costumes.

But one of the things I’ve learned during my time as an actor is that they are the unsung heroes of theater. Without them, none of it would be possible. Now that I’m in college and a theater major, I found out I have to take the dreaded “theater practicum” this semester. I decided I would venture out of comfort zone. I’ve always believed you never know how someone really is for someone until you’ve walked a few miles in their shoes.

During my advisor meeting, I told Terry I would be interested in doing sound for the upcoming production The Walls. I signed on as the Assistant Sound Director and I am very excited. The day I got the script, I began looking though it and finding places where certain sound effects and music were needed. It was actually a lot of fun. Dare I say, more fun than memorizing lines?!

Terry also showed me a large library full of sounds ranging from a doorbell to a laser. As quirky as this sounds, it excited me because it means that what I have a lot of options for finding the best possible sound effects for the show. I’m very new but I have been enjoying this new role and even attended my first production meeting. Though I’m not acting in this production, I am very excited to go through this process and learn more about theater.

Till next time!