Category: Theatre Management

May the Technicians be with You

However, during our tech weekend for Midsummer Night’s Dream, I am positively glowing with the smoothness and the amount of work that got done. Everyone worked together and waited patiently for the lighting and sound elements to integrated seamlessly into our play. Theatre as a whole is all about teamwork, and I can say without a doubt in my mind that this team of technicians, designers, and actors alike is one of the greatest teams that I have every had the pleasure of working with.

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Planning for a Crisis

The stage manager plans and anticipates for a crisis, whether it is big or small, we are the ones that have to be ready for anything that could happen.

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Running a Show Without a Ticketing System

Our system felt chaotic and unorganized, and it was much more stressful than having an actual ticketing system. Though I had never taken Tixato for granted, I was definitely missing it for this show.

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TWP Episode 5 – Socializing About Social Media

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