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Playing Myself

In the end no matter what character you portray, go over the top with the acting and let the director reel you in on the over-the-top-ness.

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Burning Down the House

Slow, half-moon, even movement onto both pieces of metal. Repeat. Slow, half-moon, even movement onto both pieces of metal

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Pardon me, I have glitter in my eye

I was named props supervisor for this year, and boy is that a handful of a department to work in. The properties department is a series of rooms that store every furniture imaginable, as well as glass, silver, toys, and even a giant bag of Cheetos.

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Shakespeare is NOT Special

…the show in particular was A Midsummer Night’s Dream I thought “Oh my god this is really going to suck.” But… working some of my preconceived notions of Shakespeare are wrong.

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Running a Show Without a Ticketing System

Our system felt chaotic and unorganized, and it was much more stressful than having an actual ticketing system. Though I had never taken Tixato for granted, I was definitely missing it for this show.

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Graduation Separations & Graduate School Surprises

Dear Readers,

In just 16 days I’ll be leaving Westminster College behind to start my life in the real world. A life away from New Wilmington, my friends here, and most unfortunate of all Beeghly Theatre.

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