Rehearsing for May 4th Voices has been extremely educational for me. Before being cast, I was aware of the Kent State shootings but not the details of the event. In high school we learned a lot about the terrors of Vietnam but only briefly discussed the Homefront. So seeing it from a view other than a soldier’s has been interesting and more relatable to me.

These students, students just like the ones on Westminster’s campus protested against a war that affected them personally. Though I do not agree completely with how the protestors went about it, I still believe they were very brave and deserve to have their story told. That is exactly what we are doing.

voices_CHFAs for the cast of May 4th Voices, I think we have an interesting mix of experience. Some are theatre majors, like myself, others may see it as more of a creative outlet or extra-curricular activity and some have never been in a show before this one. It’s great to see, a wide variety of students showing interest in theatre.

One night of rehearsal I noticed on the white board backstage the following written by one of the cast members: “I like theatre because: I feel like I fit in.” It made me smile because I understand, completely. Hopefully, others feel the same and will continue to audition and perform, whether it is at Westminster or elsewhere.

Because the show is an ensemble piece, becoming familiar with each other is imperative for a great show. With each rehearsal, the cast is creating relationships within the show and outside of it, reinforcing interactions on stage. Needless to say, I am very exited for the show to open in less than a month!