How to be in love with someone? An infinitely difficult question if you have never been in love with someone. Well even though I have been in love, making Lysander in love was not an easy task.

Task 1: What does it mean to be in love?

After ruthless discussion with my director, Lester Malizia, we realized there are many ways to define love. However, he said, “Most of them center around one basic principle, putting someone else’s happiness above your own.” Of course, I agreed with Lester remembering how I felt when I was in love.

Okay, so I took that concept and tried to put it into practice. However, I found myself running into the same traps of manufactured love and affection. I was using the image of someone I was previously in love with, but that doesn’t work (nor should it) when there is a living, breathing person right there in front of me who is undoubtedly different than my former lover. Therefore, I could not treat them the exact same. Hermia speaks, moves, and loves differently.

Task 2: So I went to Lester again and told him my problem and asked for some help.

Almost immediately without thought he questioned, “Well how do you treat someone you are in love with? It’s not always a dramatic, professing of love is it?” I laughed and answered no (almost immediately recognizing my problem). He responded, “Make her laugh. Make her smile. Put her happiness above yours.”

That was all I needed. I used specific things about Hermia that I loved and focused on those aspects. Then I used the image that her smile makes me smile. Therefore, I always want to see her smiling. With that, I was off and running making her smile left and right and truly completing lightness to Lysander.