Last semester I did the light and sound design for Theatre Westminster’s production of Into The Woods. Succeeding in this I came into doing the light design for the upcoming production of Northanger Abbey very confidently. What I didn’t realize until I read the script and saw the set design was just how “light heavy” this show is. Luckily, on Monday at work I was able to get almost my entire general light plot hung because we had an excess of workers due to the fact that a lot of the Intro to Theatre students came to do lab hours that day.

Into the woods 2To be honest, I wasn’t prepared to hang my general light plot yet because I hadn’t yet created it. I only had enough for my assistant Becca and myself to do that day, and as I have learned from past experience I sometimes get frazzled being in charge of a large group, but that Monday I was in charge of six or seven workers. So I took a few minutes, collected my thoughts, decided what I wanted my general plot to be, and then began to instruct.

Being in charge of a large group of people has always been one of my weaker points. This is because there are times that too many people would be asking me for help and I would essentially just burn out and get confused. I can definitely say that thanks to Into the Woods I have gotten much better during the times that I become overwhelmed. I take a deep breath, take a second to collect my thoughts, then dive back into what needs to be done.

Into the woods 1I consider Monday to be a victory; I felt a lot less stressed and more ahead of where I would be with lights when I went to our production meeting the following day. At least until I found out that I was also going to be doing the sound design for this show as well. All I have to say is challenge accepted; bring on the sleepless nights and the energy drinks.