Author: Victoria Volkay

Opening Night Thoughts

Last night was opening night and I have so say, we were all nervous, but it went over incredibly well! Nobody dropped any lines (and they were incredibly difficult lines at that), and there were no costume malfunctions either. Hair and makeup took two hours at least, but everything was done and ready just in time to be on stage.

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The End is Near

Finally, we have a day’s break between our last rehearsal and tech week! We’ve got most of our main props together, and all of our furniture. We’ve reworked any blocking that various changes in the stage during the set building process have messed with, and we’re nearly ready to go.

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Learning the Role

We’re coming along slowly but surely. The last few rehearsals have been adjusting me to the functionality of a character outside of the main story. Through the numerous times I’ve looked through my script, learning my lines and how I’m supposed to be moving, I’ve noticed that a great deal of them are transitional lines, meant to help one scene flow easily into the next. However, I do have lines that are not one-paragraph traditional scene changing lines; they actually have their own scene importance.

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Taking on a New Role

So my name is Victoria and here I am again in another production for Theatre Westminster. Last year, I had the pleasure of acting in The Walls, and this year I’ve been cast as Chelsea, aka the Narrator (or the voice of the author) in Theatre Westminster’s production of Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

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