Author: Shelly

Lights.. Sound.. Action!

Prior to last week, I was excited because I thought that light designing this show would be less stressful than previous shows. That is until Carlos was adjusting the rehearsal report and adding names of who was doing each design area. He put my name next to sound design, so Terry looked at me and said “you’re going to do the sound too.”

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Behind the Scenes – Light Design

Last semester I did the light and sound design for Theatre Westminster’s production of Into The Woods. Succeeding in this I came into doing the light design for the upcoming production of Northanger Abbey very confidently. What I didn’t realize until I read the script and saw the set design was just how “light heavy” this show is. Luckily, on Monday at work I was able to get almost my entire general light plot hung because we had an excess of workers due to the fact that a lot of the Intro to Theatre students came to do lab hours that day.

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