Author: Carlos Barrett

Working Twice as Hard

I am working as assistant lighting designer for two different shows at the same time. I am experiencing different ways people run their theater rehearsals as well as how someone works on the technical aspects of theater. Working with Groove City College is showing me that even though they do not have a theater major, they can still have a very successful theater program. Learning how to properly be a Lighting Designer at a different college is getting over the differences between our colleges as learning quickly how they do things.

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Seeing the Other Side of Theatre

Northanger Abbey is by far an interesting piece of work. The play was originally written by Jane Austin, and the piece we are working on was adapted by Scott Mackenzie. One of the things I like about this play is all the different ways you can take what was written. There is always more than one way of interpreting a piece of literature and that is what makes a play so much more interesting. For once in my theater career, we can go and ask the “playwright” what he meant when we are reading lines with the actors.

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