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Technical Rehearsals Begin!

In just two days we begin our technical rehearsals for the upcoming Theatre Westminster production of Diana Son’s Stop Kiss. The cast has been rehearsing since late February, the crew has been building since the same time, and now we finally get to put it all together. For those unaware of what it takes to tie all the pieces together, let me give you a little rundown.

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Opening Night Thoughts

Last night was opening night and I have so say, we were all nervous, but it went over incredibly well! Nobody dropped any lines (and they were incredibly difficult lines at that), and there were no costume malfunctions either. Hair and makeup took two hours at least, but everything was done and ready just in time to be on stage.

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Building the Set

This week in my theatre practicum I learned a few new skills. It’s amazing how much you can learn working in the theatre. I learned how to create trim and how to set up a hanging flat. No matter how many hours I put into working in the theatre I am always surprised by how amazing Theatre Westminster is at creating a show.